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    I've seen Ocean Sound's website before. Not sure why. Probably a link on Gearslutz. It's so beautiful there. I'd love to live there.

    I just got some KM84's. (I bought 85's and new 84 capsules.) I was looking at the Soyuz and some Schoeps. I think I'd still gate because the tom ringing drives me nuts. Been sitting on a few M179's. Didn't like them on toms like everyone else does, but now I'm using them on racks with atm 25's on floors (5 toms.) Never tried sdc's on toms.


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      The 84s should sound great on toms, I reckon. If I'm not mistaken, the Soyuz 013 was an attempt to get close to the old 84. Gating: I have not had that issue so far, as I tend to dampen the toms quite a bit. I usually go by the Recordeman OH technique, so tom-wise, whatever happens in those mics also comes across in the OHs.
      It is a beautiful place, for sure. Inside and out. I've done quite a few records there now (only played on one myself, though), and I can wholeheartedly recommend it, if you get the opportunity. Aside from the insanely great sounding room and gear park, just getting away from the everyday life to work on an album, does make a difference.

      Regarding the mics: I think you'd get a great result using almost any sdc with a cardioid pattern instead of dynamics. The way they handle bleed varies, though. Which is why I chose Soyuz. But any of the ones I tried sounded aeons better than my 421s.

    I could try the 84's on toms some time when I don't want them on OH. I also have some SM81's and Line Audio thingies... Next time I'm down to two toms, I'll give SDC's a try.

    I don't want to get away from everyday life to work on an album. I want to get away from everyday life every day!