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  1. That's one big freakin floor tom....oh wait is that a bass drum?
  2. Almost Done - Natural gloss with aged pearl inlay strips
  3. New Kit, gladstone shells
  4. Don't judge me just yet.....
  5. Why have I been using scissors to cut wrap?
  6. Merry Christmas to me.
  7. The best way to start a new year.
  8. SXSW Backline Kit
  9. About P.Ellis Drums
  10. P.Ellis Drums SXSW Backline Kit - finally done!
  11. New drum kit pictures
  12. First time working with Paua - 2 snares
  13. P.Ellis Drums a Year in Review - 2011
  14. Headed to NAMM
  15. P.Ellis Drums at SXSW 2012
  16. New Drums with new Badges from JMSmith
  17. New drum kits
  18. More Snare drums
  19. P.Ellis Custom Jazz Kit - African Mahogany/Poplar Shells
  20. I'm really proud of this one - Inlaid/Stained kit.